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Patrick Dune and The DesertHearts


Patrick Dune


Ten-time nominee and award-winning singer, songwriter, retro-guitarist, recording artist and producer, Patrick Dune is fueled by his long love of music, faith and self-salvation. Dune is excited about their upcoming. His expressive vocal approach and trademark Rickenbacker and acoustic textured open chord guitar styles play off of the strong emotional landscapes of his song writing. Dune’s songs reach out and target his audience with many different emotional states as he approaches a new blend and style with a refreshing commercial sound that boldly sets him apart.

From his small hometown of Pickering, Ontario Canada, Dune caught his first break with his original band “The Keep” when they released their first self-produced EP’s “Time is a Luxury” and Don’t Wish Your Life Away” and were nominated and awarded best new artist. Being recognized for a new refreshing commercial sound, a short time later “The Keep” were signed to ACE Records and A&M Management and toured regularly in the 80’s and 90’s with many well-known Canadian acts such as Bryan Adams, Blue Rodeo, Platinum Blonde and Cory Hart.

In the late 90’s, with a great string of accomplishments under his belt, Dune decided to disband “The Keep” to venture into the recording studio, writing songs and jingles for publishers and independent films. Dune is best known for his successful song writing jingle for Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto “First to Care First to Share” as well as numerous other successful song writing credits.

Dune found continued success in the release of numerous produced recording projects, successful co-writes and independent studio projects. In 2004 he released his first solo EP “Let Love Reign” that was voted #1 on the independent radio charts in the US and UK. In 2010 Dune won two songwriting awards after recording “We’re All In” and “Just another Incubation Day” for Microsoft Corporation’s worldwide marketing campaigns. Dune was also requested to front a new corporate band for Microsoft called “ShuttDown” that started his path back to the stage touring across the US and Canada.

Dune also continued to write and expand his original material with the intention of launching his solo career. The release of his first solo record “Middle Ground” was written and inspired by his own life, and it earned him 5 nominations. The album’s creation was based on real-life experiences of love, life, following your dreams and finding true happiness. “This record has a lot of very positive vibes and illustrates that in a musical picture” says Dune, and it expands the contrast between old and new styles with stripped down Rickenbacker guitars laying down deep moving tones that provide that refreshing rocking sound with a kick. Dune continues to innovate his music with that raw, uncompromising and relentless energy that fans discover and love in his live shows. With many musical and song writing influences in his life, one main artist stands out above them all and for Dune it was Tom Petty. In 2012 Dune decided to move to Denver, Colorado to pursue his music and open his new Recording studio “DuneTunes Recording”. Dune now is well down the path of re-establishing and re-inventing himself as an international artist and songwriter. You will want to follow the evolving, continued success story of Patrick Dune and The DesertHearts.

JP Pakalenka


Like so many others, JP loved the images of The Beatles with their hair, boots, outfits and screaming fans, growing up as a boy in Chicago.  He was hooked on the guitar from that time on. He eventually moved to Boise, ID with his family, and graduated from high school while playing in many seasoned bands in that area. This convinced him that hitting the road to play music was exactly what he wanted to do with his life.  It was during this time, while playing with one of the better known local bands, he gained the attention of a booking agent that put him on the road performing with a very popular traveling band “Shadow” from Seattle. He toured most parts of the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as Canada. JP found himself based out of Los Angeles at this point. Shadow was signed to Cannon Records & Films in 1980, where they also had the opportunity to star in and perform the soundtrack for the movie “New Year’s Evil.”

Several years later, after playing with local blues bands from L.A., he was recruited to join the band “Jane” which eventually would be named “Balls of Fire”.  This was the band that Peter Criss, formerly of the band KISS, founded upon his departure from that legendary rock band. The band brought JP much deserved national and international publicity.

After many years, JP left the L.A. music scene and moved to Denver, CO where he met other accomplished, local musicians with similar musical tastes. One band that saw a lot of stage time in this market was “Losing Juliet.”  JP has also spent many hours in the studio offering his guitar skills to other projects and artists in the area. With a chance meeting in a local music store, JP and Patrick Dune eventually met each other.  They soon jammed and instantly discovered a unique, musical chemistry that led to the forming of Patrick Dune and The DesertHearts.

Robert “Boomer” Hojaboom


Robert “Boomer” Hojaboom is originally from a small town in upstate New York, where he grew up and resided for many years. As an accomplished rock/blues Bassist, Boomer has been playing bass and performing in various bands across the U.S., spanning from New York, Pennsylvania, California and eventually Colorado.

Boomer moved out to southern California in the eighties concentrating on the San Diego and L.A. music scene, where he focused on his writing and vocal skills.  This also afforded him the ability to work with various coaches and producers, while playing in talented bands. In the late eighties Boomer joined “B Wilde.”  Their music and videos were featured weekly on the music TV program, “San Diego Musical Playhouse”, produced by Pat Samms.

After many years of touring with various bands, Boomer moved to Denver, Colorado and began working with the world class violinist, Eugene Fador.  He recorded a “Wizard of OZ” concept album, “Behind the Gates of OZ” with the “Wicked Zens” as well as furthering his songwriting and vocal education with producer Lance Bendiksen (The Fray).

Among Boomer’s numerous musical influences are rock/pop bands, and songwriters of the 60s, 70s, up to the current exciting artists on the scene today. “No matter how much I progress, I always believe the best of me is yet to come. Believe in your passion never give up the dream, and always follow your heart.” Boomer is an incredible musician who refuses to limit himself or be confined by labels with his style and performance. He’s driven to continually hone his craft and better his sound.

Boomer was seen and recruited to The DesertHearts lineup while playing in an original local band, “Soul Tree.”  Boomer was the last and final piece needed to allow the DesertHearts to move forward as a band.  It was a natural transition to sync up with David, giving the DesertHearts the solid rhythm section they had been looking for.

D David O

davidDavid (O’Niones), grew up on the south side of Chicago and enjoyed the influences of the most distinctive forms of blues and rock in the entire country.  David cut his teeth in rock music in the Chicagoland and clubs all over the Midwest from the early age of 15.  Performing with much older seasoned musicians, he quickly became a veteran of the road before reaching his 20’s.  Playing with numerous bands over the years, he had the privilege to share the stage with many great musicians.  Having covered bands and supported originals in almost every genre since the 70’s, from Punk to Classic Rock, David has always driven his projects with his distinctive sound, feel for the groove and hard-hitting style of drumming.

His first extensive tour came with a prominent act, “Straight Jacket” out of Detroit. The band featured Atlantic Records artist, Michael “Weasel” Burnham, lead guitarist for “The Shadows of Knight”.  This band put the ever popular single “Gloria” on the charts back in the mid-sixties.  Touring extensively with DMA, (Diversified Management Agency) Ted Nugent’s exclusive management company and the 5th largest talent agency in the country, David fell in love with the rigors of the road, travel and playing in front of diverse audiences with world-class musicians all over the country.  DMA offered many opportunities and kept their bands touring and working 300 days a year, representing prominent artists such as The Romantics, Nazareth, MC5, Triumph, Iggy and the Stooges, Canned Heat, Lighthouse, Golden Earring, The Raspberries and Average White Band, (Steve Ferrone’s first prominent band, that later became the permanent drummer for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers).

When Straight Jacket disbanded, David and “Weasel” were quickly recruited by Epic Records recording artist and Chicago area favorite, Nathan Shafer, of “Gambler”, to form the band “Mondo Twist.”  Nathan and Weasel proved to be far too much talent for one stage, so David jumped ship and joined forces with his bass player from Straight Jacket, Pat “Surely” Clinton, in Joliet, IL to form the punk/pop band, “Johnny Koma and The Plain Kadets.” They quickly became a part of the Chicago Hardcore punk scene, which was characterized by fast punk beats, angry protest lyrics and melodic vocals. The Plain Kadets were soon signed to an indie label after only a couple of live shows. Once again, David found himself sharing the marque with incredible acts such as Naked Raygun, Black Flag, Effigies and eventually paired with less hardcore bands of the eighties, such as Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark.

David relocated to Colorado in the mid 80’s and quickly became a part of the local music scene by freelancing in several bands as well as laying down studio tracks for various artists.  He produced and wrote all the rhythm tracks on an EP for “Vickie Newland and The Shout”, an up and coming Christian artist.  5 out the 7 songs on the EP were finalists in the RMMA showcase (Rocky Mountain Music Association) in Denver, which landed Vickie a deal in Nashville.  After turning down the tour with The Shout, David soon landed the gig with Action Records Modern Rock artist “Men About Town”, who after 5 years evolved into “Life Explodes” in the Denver market.  Both projects received moderate recognition with Men About Town’s single “Spark the Fire” – making it to “Honorable Mention” on the Top Ten College Charts while finding its way into dance club mixes nationwide.  Life Explodes’ release “Pulse” also received moderate airplay on (KBCO & KTCL), which proved respectable given the lack of distribution with a major label.

It was in the middle of rehearsals with this project that he discovered Patrick Dune’s music and the guitar virtuosity of JP Pakalenka.  After jamming together with this all-star lineup, it was apparent that this was a winning combination of both experience and musicianship that could not be ignored.  As of September of 2015, David officially became a member of “Patrick Dune and the DesertHearts”.


Patrick Dune TV/Film/Radio Credits and awards:

  • Mount Sinai Hospital – Composer (Radio/TV) First To Care First To Share
  • Weirdsville – Composer (Film) – Forever Be
  • Hills Have Eyes 2 – Composer (song on hold for Film) Lost Soul Union
  • Toronto Independent Music Awards CD – 2007 and 2008 – 2 Songs nominated
  • Rogers Cable Music Productions – Composer – Various musical Projects
  • Weekend To End Breast Cancer – Canadian National Campaign
  • Three Small Words – Children with Disabilities song award 2010
  • Microsoft Corp. – “We’re All In How About You” Award– 2010
  • Microsoft Corp. – “It’s Just Another Incubation Day” Award – 2010
  • Microsoft Corp. – Documentary songs. Awards 2011
  • 5 Nominated record “Middle Ground” 2013
  • Nominated singles “Thrill of the Ride”, “Breckenridge Paradise” and “Middle Ground” 2013/2014
  • Nominated for best single, best Songwriter of the year 2015
  • Award Colorado Rock Awards for “Best Original Band Performance”
  • KHUS Radio Live Stream Interview Nov-24th 2017 to Release New Single “MARIA”

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